Christmas Gift Guide 2021

We love Christmas time and all the joy that comes with it. But as mums, we also know the stress that comes with organising the family and gift buying. 

So, we've put together this gift guide for you and categorised it into age groups. 

Happy shopping!

Ages 0-12 months

This age can be tough when they’re so little and still learning about all the things their bodies can do.
We love toys that can help babies to develop their motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Think wooden toys, blocks, shape sorters, trains, walkers and activity centres!

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Ages 12-24 months

We find this age group the toughest because toddlers can be at different stages in their motor skills and cognitive development.

Asking the parents is best if you’re unsure but here are some of our picks!

Think wooden toys (always), play equipment, ride ons, wagons and walkers.

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Ages 2-3 years 

Our favourite age group to buy for! Their personality, sass and interests really start to shine through. As their speech develops you can build on your connection with them.

It’s also the funniest age group, the way they pronounce things incorrectly, mimic everything you do and just that amazing imagination.

For this active lot, think balance bikes, sand and water play, wooden toys and pretend play! 

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Ages 3+

The choices for this age group are endless as they really come out of their shell and are exploring new things everyday!

If they are anything like our daughters, they are now starting to tell you what they want so it’s a little easier.

Think pretend play, dollhouses, play sets and outdoor active play.

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